Here is an update for my Ludum Dare #33 Entry! This version will get updates when I have time to tinker with it. I wanted to keep the Original and the Updated version Separate.

I've made some changes based on the feedback I received to include:

Audio: I really didn't have much audio in the LD#33 verison, So I've added music and more sound effects. Not my strong point, so feed back is welcome!

Gameplay: Many players first comment was that the game was too hard! I've made it easier to get more health and upgrades are pulled in quicker. Charging your fireball now has a tinting effect, and the walls react to the Boss's attacks.

Thanks for taking time to look at my game. Please let me know what I can do to make it better! I don't do this full time, so I keep a list of things to add/change as I go.

All feedback is appreciated!

Published Sep 13, 2015
StatusIn development
Made withConstruct
TagsLudum Dare 33